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And accept, O Lord our intercessions for all mankind. Let the Light of Thy Gospel shine upon all nations. Be merciful to all who are in any trouble, sickness, or distress and especially for;

ketan m. Post
June 27, 2011
st.anthony pray for me,my wife,child ian,mummy,pappa,brother's family.
we need jesus in our life and self.we need helth,family unity,protection,financial,peace,love,joy,god blessing,done our duties well,can pray,concentration,knowled,etc.pls pray for our family.praise the lord
Seth M. Post
April 5, 2011
I've just written up a very important unspoken prayer request on the front and back of a sheet of paper. Please pray that God will fully, poweruflly answer everything I've asked for. Pray that everywhere I send this, God wll draw a lot of powerful prayer warriors to pray fervently for it to be answered.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 4, 2011
St Peter please intercede for Ray may his toes be heal and not lose them may he be heal of all medical problems In jesus name pray for him
Stacey K. Post
April 2, 2011
For Lena who just found out she has thyroid cancer. She has an appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday.
Patricia P. Post
March 28, 2011
For my mother-in-law Marie.For my job. For my son Anthony & his son Steven. My Avon business to flourish.
Traci C. Post
March 25, 2011
Please pray for our unborn baby. I am 8 months pregnant and our baby was given a grim diagnosis. Our baby's kidneys and lungs need to grow healthier and stronger. Our baby is very much wanted and loved. We need all the prayers we can get. Please pray for us! Thank you and God bless!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 6, 2011
I let my job last month,after 6 yrs ,the company is not paying my salary and my terminal benefits,Pls pray for me
Seth M. Post
January 23, 2011
I've written up an unspoken prayer request on a sheet of paper, that's very important. Please pray that God will fully answer everything I ask for on that sheet. Thanks for your prayers.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 9, 2010
My Aunt TARA PRAMANICK is very sick, suffering from Cancer and the doctor said that there is no result, but I beleive that if we pray together, Jesus will do Miracles and she will be with us again. Please pray for her. Its Urgent. God Bless you.
joy j. Post
September 6, 2010
Iam Joy, 46 years of age got married @ the late stage i.e two years back. I have no children but I haven't gone for any check-up as of some bondages.
Presently, Iam working in gulf where there is no job security, no good pay and no growth. As I want to try some other gulf countries where I can accompany my wife but Iam worried about the recession period. Also I don't have a own house to stay so pray for me, my bad health and also for my family."

Almighty God fulfill the desires and petitions of Thy servants as may be most expedient for them: Granting us in this world knowledge of Thy Truth, and in the world to come life everlasting
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